Saturday, April 13, 2013

A very talented friend

Creations by Embroideroo /Photograph & Styling : Sandrine Marsh
 A little while ago I was very honoured to go and take some photographs for a very dear friend, up in the gogeous Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Photograph: Sandrine Marsh
It was the best excuse to go and enjoy a little escape to the place where each sunrise is as magical as you can dream!

I was on a job for my lovely friend Sandi.
She needed some portraits for a very exciting upcoming magazine feature and nice profile pics...
But Shhhh, I will keep the secret still on which Mag!

Photograph: Sandrine Marsh
We were both as excited as each other :)

Sandi is a huge nature lover (In fact, she is my Australian plant and animal bible), 
a very talented Stitch Master, crafter 
and a real sweet friend!  

Creations by Embroideroo Photograph & Styling by Sandrine Marsh
Sandi has a label called Embroideroo.

She produces beautiful embroidery patterns that very often involve some cute Australian Fauna and Flora, just check her blog and you will understand what I mean...

She often contributes to craft magazines and was in need of a lovely portrait :) 

Image by Sandrine Marsh
 It was such a pleasure to capture some images for you lovely lady!
I can't wait to see them in prints now!:)

Sandrine ❤

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