Thursday, November 7, 2013

Time is flying?!

The count down has started hasn't it?!
Everywhere I am looking lately, that "Christmassy" atmosphere is building up…
With that it will be the school holiday in no time!! Eeeek time is escaping :)

I have also been working on some Christmas theme images for the talented Love Dot & Daisy shop on Etsy .

Justine made the cutest handmade tea bags for Christmas and as usual they just smell delicious, my favourite is her T2 french Earl grey :)

So Few little pics today…

The cutest Santa hats tea bags from Love Dot and Daisy

Oh and She also made some fantastic teachers gifts tea bags!!!
I could not resist ordering some for Miss A teacher, what a great idea!

You can see I had lots of fun :)
If you like to check Justine range of "cutest tea bags" you can visit her Etsy store here!

Sandrine x