Thursday, November 28, 2013

A day of fun on the sunny Gold Coast

A little sneak peek about how I Celebrated a year of craft fun and great friendship 
with the crafty coasters girls this week.

A really great day!

The high tea was amazing at the Pearl cafe, highly recommended :)
A lovely selection of Gluten free food was also available, what a treat!  
View through the Café window :)

Delicious treats at the Pearls Bar  @ The Sheraton
Beautiful details

The funny part was that at the same time, my mum happened to send me some photos of their day…
looking over her window, hehe :)

Same day, just opposite side of the hearth (almost) !

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  1. It all looks very lovely! Sounded like you had a great day out! Love the snow photo from your mum's place. It is hard to imagine that's it's snowing on the other side of the world when we are having warm sunny days here. One day I would like to experience christmas with snow.....